Drew, The Past

Ali is a truly talented photographer. The photos she took of our band were the first photos that I have ever had taken that I’ve been absolutely comfortable, confident, and excited to put out for the public to see. She is professional, fun to work with, and can take someone like me, who doesn’t consider myself very photogenic, and “coach me” into taking a great photo. She did an outstanding job and totally captured what we were going for.


Choosing Ali Ann Photography was the best decision! I believe Ali’s work speaks for itself; creative, unique, trendy and absolutely beautiful. She does a fantastic job making every single senior feel like a rockstar during and after their shoot. When you go in for your reveal session, Ali never disappoints. You will probably have a difficult time deciding which images you love the most because they are all fabulous! Her positive energy is infectiously contagious. You are guaranteed to create some of the most fun memories of your senior year throughout your entire session. When you are sitting in hair…


I saw Ali’s pictures that she had taken of some of my friends, several years before I ever went in front of her camera. The pics were noticeably different and they literally stopped me dead in my tracks!  I knew I wanted to find out who the photographer was so I started digging around and checking out all of her work on social media. I kept showing the photos to my parents and we were hooked. I was very thankful to become a senior representative and then scheduled the Bombshell photo session with Ali where she spent the entire day…


All my experiences with Ali Ann have been nothing short of amazing. Not only does she make me feel confident behind the camera, but the pictures always turn out above my expectations. Her upbeat, bubbly personality makes photoshoots that much more fun. I’m happy to have developed a friendship from my experiences with Ali Ann. I couldn’t have imagined anyone else taking pictures of me, especially my senior pictures.


My experience with Ali Ann as a photographer and a person was unforgettable. I was hesitant to even take senior photos because I was worried they wouldn’t represent how I truly look but Ali made it all possible. Looking back on my pictures I couldn’t have asked for a better way to top off my high school years and wrap myself into a canvas. Ali made each part of the process super easy and I am thankful for the relationship and memories we built during it. Her work is something uniquely beautiful. I love to show others my pictures and…